Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Holiday Postings

At a recent Web 2.0 conference, a speaker asked the audience how many people checked email as their first activity of the day? About 3/4 of the hands in the audience went up. When asked how many check email as their last activity of the day, even more hands went up. These are the kind of folks who blog their way through their children's birthday parties and family reunions; these are the kind of folks who are emailing via their Blackberries when they are in the bathroom. In short, these are the folks who are ALWAYS on.

So why is it, I wonder, was there so little blogging activity over the Christmas weekend? Most of the blogs around the Web 2.0 space were surprisingly silent over this past weekend. Is it because we were able to truly "step away from the browsers and PDAs and put our hands in the air" for several days. Is it because we were busy enjoying our family and friends, spending time with the kids, or reflecting about the past year and thinking of the year to come? Honestly, I kinda doubt it.

How many of us secretly snuck out of family gatherings to see what was going on online - secretly hoping to see something that we could respond to? How many of us felt guilty posting over the weekend, fearing that it would look like we had nothing better to do? Considering the kind of crackberry users we all know, I tend to think it is the latter. On the other hand, maybe everyone was at a Christmas party on Second Life, and I was just not invited....

I'm sorry, David - but do you have ESP? I managed to stay away from the computer from Friday afternoon until late Boxing Day - that's four days, for anyone who's counting. And it seemed like FOREVER.

Frankly, it was actually a much-needed break that gave me some think time. I assume that most of the rest of the "social media thinkers" probably approach this kind of blogging as work - it's been an exciting year, and maybe everyone just needed a break!
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