Tuesday, December 12, 2006


LePolitique or LeWeb3?

Writing from the LeWeb3 conference in France, I am amazed by the lack of regard the organizers have for the conference attendees. Having spent thousands of Euros or Dollars or Pounds, the attendees traveled to Paris in the winter to hear about web 2.0 topics. Instead of presenting the advertised fare, the organizers have turned this conference into a parade of politicians that have very little relevance to web 2.0. Shimon Peres spoke this morning about world peace....and the Internet, and now, we are being treated to a parade of French presedential candidates, speaking mainly in French. What about the 400-500 attendees who are not French and who could care less? The organizers seems more interested in the fact that someone is paying attention to the conference than in the conference topic itself.

Ironically, as the presenters debate whether traditional media is irrelevant, the TV trucks roll up outside the convention hall, the TV correspodents replace the bloggers onstage, and "let the show begin."

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